London International Shipping Week 2019

On the evening of Monday the 9th September the members and their guests gathered on board the “NLV Pharos” for a reception showcasing the strength and depth of the Scottish maritime scene. This was the second LISW reception organised by the Cluster and with the on board setting, moored alongside “HMS Belfast”, with a backdrop of Tower Bridge and warm evening sunshine it was the perfect setting.

The Board of the SMC welcomed politicians from the UK and Scottish Government as well as senior figures from UK maritime bodies. A small delegation from Dubai Maritime were also present.

The success of the evening can be measured by the fact that we had to extend the reception due to the reluctance of our guests to leave and from the “vibe” picked-up at several other venues throughout the week.

We owe a huge “thank you” to the NLB, firstly for taking “Pharos” south and secondly creating the perfect venue for the evening. The Board are already scratching their heads as to how we top this in 2021!