The Cluster helps members to work together to improve business and grow Scotland’s share in a multi-billion pound global maritime market. Maritime organisations across diverse fields delivering against a shared vision and interacting via a network of expertise through:

  • Communication (bring together disparate groups in an arena to discuss and interact).
  • Concentration on the long term (think forward).
  • Coordination (through networks and partnerships).
  • Consensus (attainment of a common vision).
  • Commitment to deliver a shared vision of growing Scotland’s maritime economy.

Members include ship builders, ship owners and management companies, naval architects and designers, maritime and aquaculture engineers, offshore energy providers, and universities and other education and training institutions.

Through membership funding, the Cluster provides a platform for the various constituent elements of the maritime sector and the related supply chain in Scotland to emerge from their respective silos.


  • Cluster members have identified five key strategic areas as their focus – commercial shipping, naval/military contracts, maritime business support services, maritime legislation and education and training.
  • 4 Members’ meetings annually.
  • Collaboration opportunities through maritime networking.
  • Bespoke seminars – in person and hybrid.
  • Topical workshops including:
    • Digitalisation
    • Cyber-security
    • Automation
    • Net-zero
    • Other opportunities for member led topics to aid collaboration
  • Supporting Transport Scotland’s Scottish Blue Economy Action Plan.
  • Members of Maritime UK Regional Council.
  • Links to other trade bodies and professional institutes.
  • Become self-sustaining and consolidate membership.



The current annual subscription for a Member of the Cluster is £2000 + VAT.

Please find the application form below, full details on how to submit your application for membership are given within the form itself.


The current annual subscription for Associate membership of the Cluster is £450 + VAT.

Associate membership is open to businesses which have been trading for less than two years or have less than 5 employees, until the subscription renewal following that ceasing to be the case. Associate members have no voting rights at meetings of the Cluster.